Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dog Days of Winter

The winter was just too long. We had to implement new activities into the daily routine. Uncle Ryan was kind enough (or just doesn't know it yet) to leave his Wii at our house for a while. Rowan has caught on to the game, but doesn't weigh enough to really play, so Kyle helps him out. It's actually hilarious to watch. They generally do the bike riding or ski jumping on Wii fit.

The sun has finally come out! We took a long run as a family (with Tanner too!) yesterday and have enjoyed the 45 degree weather. It seems like summer compared to the cloudy, snowy days of winter. We are so thankful for the change in seasons as it was draining our spirits to have to endure another day inside :) We have enjoyed mall-walking and grocery runs, but we need a change in scenery.

I have recently switched jobs and will be working only Thursdays for a few months. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Rowan gets to play with Whitney all day! Our calendars are filling up as the spring creeps in and we're excited for all of the great adventures that lie ahead!

Rowan playing dress-up with his new swim trunks, sandals and my shirt :) We might need to invest in some boy costumes :)