Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Truth in Love

Where do you draw the line between speaking the truth and avoiding the issue? I have to be brutally honest here. I am having a hard time with certain ideas being "acceptable" and Christians worrying more about being tolerant than truthful. We are told over and over again in God's Word to speak the TRUTH in love. Not avoid the truth in hopes that we never hurt anyone's feelings. It's so frustrating for me because I feel like I am stuck in so many circumstances where I should speak the truth IN LOVE, but I end up not saying anything because I might offend someone. For God's sake, SPEAK THE TRUTH. Literally. I'm totally convicting myself, but I hope that more Christians are convicted to speak the truth than to avoid ever confronting anything/anyone because we're afraid of hurt feelings. And the hardest thing is that it is a fine line because we're human, we have no right to judge, and we all need to be accepted... or would like to be anyway. I firmly believe "hate the sin, don't hate the sinner" but I just can't accept the lack of confrontation/accountability in the Christian community. I will be the first one to admit that I am guilty. Any thoughts? Where do we draw the line? Have we gotten too tolerant of sin?

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Few Updates

This winter season has definitely been packed full of adventures and a lot of changes have been happening in our home. Rowan is, of course, the main event these days. Every day is something new and he's constantly learning new words. I keep thinking that this is the best stage ever, but it does keep getting better. This morning we learned the words "moon" and "sky" as it was still dark outside after he finished breakfast and the moon was positioned perfectly outside our big front window. So we stared for a while and learned new words, while Tanner paced continually trying to see what we were looking at. Rowan just had a 15-month check up and measured about 24.8 pounds and 30 or so inches. He's pretty much in the 50th percentile for everything :) We're still waiting on a growth spurt!

Rowan and his friend/neighbor Whitney. Crazy hair before he got his professional haircut :)Always happy in the bath :) Getting ready for lake season- a permanent life-jacket for my half-fish little boy!Playing in the snow! We pulled him all the way down to cousin Brady's house! He loved it! First professional haircut. He did amazing & Kayla was so good! The BOAT show!! Oh my word, he LOVED this place. Could be an annual trip...He said "vroom, vroom" while driving every boat he could get in! Such a great way for us to spend a cold winter day.... daydreaming about the lake :)