Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Around the house.

Well, we've pretty much started a whole new life for ourselves now that we've moved. We're getting into the routine, although each week seems to be a little different, especially with a 1 yr old in the house. I am continuing to work two days a week and I have a bible study every Wednesday morning. Just this week we joined the YMCA in order to get ourselves physically, emotionally & mentally fit this winter. It seems that every winter I get into this sort of funk with it getting dark early & people not being outside. So, after a minor emotional breakdown on Sunday, I took my paperwork in at 7:30am Monday morning and signed us up for a family membership. So far, Kyle & I have swam twice (not together though) and Rowan has visited with other kiddies in childcare. It is truly a blessing to have childwatch onsite b/c I NEED that 30 minutes of alone time in the pool. So far, so good. (even though we're only on day 3 of the membership) Other than that, we've been gearing up for hosting some Christmas gatherings and randomly making shopping trips to get odds & ends for family. It seems like we're not buying as many gifts this year, but that's definitely a good thing. So, I'll get to the good stuff. Here are some recent pics of our family .... okay, of Rowan. I'm not sure Kyle & I have been in a picture without him in a while. :)

Rowan & Tanner's favorite spot..looking out the front door/window.

They're buds.

Beginning his musical career early :) He carried the keyboard from the playroom to this spot to perform.

Listening to Grandma & Papa read him The Night Before Christmas.... the book made me cry.
"Helping" dad set up the treehouse. Or just trying to play :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rowan's Bestie

So, come to our house when the entire family is gathered and it's no guessing who Rowan's favorite person is. Without a doubt, Rowan's "bestie" is....

Yes, that's my dad. He's "Papa" to Rowan. It's so fun to see them interact with one another. I'm sure my dad feels his age after playing for a bit because Rowan is everywhere, but we all know it's worth the little back pain, right?

Tis the Season!! Our Christmas treeS, yes we have two, are up and decorated. It's so fun to experience Christmas with a baby. It makes me excited for him to know the whole meaning and look forward to Christmas celebrations. Speaking of Christmas celebrations, our little family went to "Christmas on the Farm" sponsored by Salomon Farms here in Fort Wayne. As a new friend of ours put it, it was "good, not great." They had cookie decorating, a live manger scene, and hayrides for everyone! The highlight of Rowan's night was to pet the little goats that were part of the manger. The highlight of my night was seeing Joseph's black washable marker beard. Seriously, I about laughed out loud. It was a good attempt anyway. No, the highlight was definitely meeting up with new friends, the Clarks, and getting out to enjoy the holiday season!

Today we went to Crossbridge Community Church and really enjoyed it. It's definitely a smaller, growing church, but we're ok with that. We're still trying to find our home in a church, so the prayers and the hunt continue. We will definitely at least go back to C3 and keep it as an option for now.

In case you didn't get to see an earlier video through facebook, I wanted to post a little glimpse of our funny little guy. This is from earlier in the summer, but it's worth watching on repeat. Enjoy!