Friday, November 12, 2010

A whole new world.

Well, as I promised, here is a little update of Rowan and his 2-year milestone. First off, I know every parent is biased, so there's no shame in me thinking that Rowan is absolutely hilarious and cute. Mind you, he is also very temperamental and has major meltdowns if he is tired, hungry or ornery. He wakes up screaming MOMMY and DADDY "where are you?" "I need out!" Literally yelling. From there, he does not stop talking until he falls asleep for naptime and the cycle continues. He says some pretty hilarious things. Yesterday he told on himself for throwing mulch on his friend while they were playing outside. I didn't see the incident, but thankfully Rowan felt
guilty (or just wanted something to say) and apologized and we called and asked for forgiveness from his friend. At the moment, Rowan is accompanying his daddy in the Starbucks drive-thru. Rowan actually enjoys coffee but because of his extreme energy level already, we give him one sip and call it quits. I'm not sure how Rowan's brain works, but he remembers everyone and everything you say which makes me very careful in the words I choose and the actions I choose for discipline. His current favorites: trains of any kind, Thomas videos (we only have one and it's getting really old), dump trucks, anything with wheels, pulling Tanner's tail, reading books to us (yes, sounds backwards, but he memorizes books and reads them to us...), Target (did I mention that I love this child?), bible study playing with kids, fruit of any kind, chocolate milk, and watching Wheel of Fortune and asking for certain letters. Our current battles are: talking politely and not demanding things of mommy and daddy, getting out of the house in a decent time frame,
diaper changes, eating meat and pasta, and hitting his mother. :) Time has really flown by, but I'm loving our conversations and teaching moments. He's truly hilarious and really does bring us joy.

**Rowan on his 2nd bday**
**A train themed party- what else?**
**Rowan's birthday pancake with candles**

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