Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm such a planner. I can't help it. There is something fulfilling about taking my little calendar out of my purse and jotting down dates and times and events. I will say that being a SAHM doesn't require a whole lot of calendar planning. Generally once a week there is something fun and new to write down. But still, I just enjoy planning. And you can only guess what I think about all day as the holidays approach. How will we spend Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years? Nothing to write down yet, but the anticipation is fun :) Anyone else just love planning?


  1. i like that you plan things....otherwise..our household would be pandemonium :)

  2. suzie, i'm right there with you! on our way home from philadelphia, i was trying to plan christmas and thanksgiving and gifts. it's never too early for planning. and .it's just fun. :)

  3. Suzie,

    Just got caught up on your blog tonight as I stopped checking for a while:) Then baby came and my computer time has dwindled. Congrats on baby #2! So excited for you! And I saw that you also read Shauna Niequist...love her style. I'm in the middle of bittersweet right now. For some reason I don't remember the "home team" concept, but perhaps when I read it, that wasn't resonating with me like it is now. I needed to read that tonight as friendships have been hard recently.

    Take care and good to see you back on your blog,