Sunday, October 17, 2010

Role Model?

Our book club is reading: Another Valley Another Victory Another Love by Valetta Steel Crumley. I can't begin to tell you how this book has challenged me. I could literally quote every page/chapter/verse. Here is one that I had to read about 5 times as God began to reveal Himself to me.
"If there is one message I would like to shout to every parent, it is this: every day that you live out your life before your children, you are imparting to them an entire value system, and what a phony set of values many parents dump on their children. Even Christian parents model life-styles characterized by money and material possessions. Such are vain and transient baubles when set in an eternal perspective. The fulfillment of selfish ambition, and the brief, fickle applause of man: how futile they will appear someday when seen in the light of eternity."

I had another long thought of my own posted here but I just erased it. This quote needs no explanation or elaboration, but I do believe it goes beyond the parent role to anyone claiming Christ as Lord and Savior. This is plain truth.

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  1. LOVE that quote! So glad you are enjoying the book....cant wait for book club!