Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm convinced that people, myself included, need to be more vulnerable. I never really understood what that meant until recently in life. I mean, I knew what it meant, but not what it looked like. Until I started truly wanting genuine relationships. Everyone in this world is trying desperately to cover up faults, failures, shortcomings, etc. It's absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention, isolating. Not only will people never know who you truly are, but you won't ever even know yourself. I say all this holding a mirror to my face because it's really challenging to let people know that you are far from a perfect wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. My house is often tidy, but rarely clean. I don't shower daily. I often nap instead of pray or read. I sometimes feel like I have no idea what it means to be 'good' at any of my roles. I only really cooked one dinner this week. I daily have to apologize to my dog and my son for using the wrong tone of voice or being short with them. Some days I'd rather lay in bed than get up and live life. Ah, I feel better. Thanks for listening.

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